Fuse box replacements: Consumer unit replacements in Sheffield

Modern consumer units in Sheffield are made of a main switch, residual current devices (known as RCD’s) and circuit breakers. These consumer units control the supply of electricity around your home. RCD switches constantly monitor the electrical currents in your home, and should any electricity flow through an unintended path (e.g. you!), the electric will be switched off within a fraction of a second, greatly reducing the risks of injury.

These modern units considerably reduce the risks of electric shock, or electrical fire in your home and should be considered essential if you still have an old style fuse box.

New consumer units in Sheffield are also far more convenient. With old style fuse boxes, should a circuit trip, you need to go in and replace a fuse (which are getting harder to get hold of)! With a modern unit, you can be up and running in the flick of a switch.

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Consumer Unit Replacements – Regulations

The risks associated with old fuse boxes are numerous. As they do not have the same capabilities that modern units do, should you receive a shock, the electricity may not shut off, which can cause fatalities.

Regulations have also been introduced to increase the safety of consumer units in Sheffield when it comes to fire safety. Ageing consumer units in domestic homes are unlikely to be inspected on a regular basis.

Thanks to changing patterns of use, and the fact that we tend to hide these units away in casings, or under stairs, meaning that they may be overloaded. This combined with a lack of ventilation can pose a fire hazard, therefore it is suggested that all consumer units are enclosed in non-combustible materials.

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